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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A glimpse hydrosphere

$$ A glimpse hydrosphere $$

1. How much of the entire Earth is water?►-3/4 portion (71 percent).
2. What percentage of clean water on Earth is fresh water that is?►-2.5 percent
3. Two important properties of ocean water are you?►-temperature and salinity.
4. The part of the hydrosphere, which are not certain extent, what is called?►-Ocean.
5. Who is the largest ocean?►-Pacific.

6. What is the ocean?►-hydrosphere be surrounded on three sides, and that part of the ocean on one side to be met.
7. bay (gulf) What does it mean?►-sea water when entering the terrestrial part of the area that is called the Gulf.
8. Bay What?►-site is surrounded by the two edge, one side is a group of islands and is found on the other side of the estuary from the sea.
9. Generally, the temperature of ocean water is?►-50C between the 330C.What ocean is more than.
10 annual Tapantr?►-Atlantic Ocean.

11. How salinity is expressed?►-per-thousand.
12. The average salinity of ocean water is?►-35 per thousand.
13. Smlvn line is?►-like salinity locations including the line drawn.
14. Where there is the highest salinity?►-200 - 400 100 300 north latitude and between the southern latitudes.
15. Jill source which is the most salt?►-Van Lake (330%).

16. Where is Lake Van?►-Turkish.
17. The flat top mountains called the sea?►-Guy auto.
18. Which is the world's deepest trough?►-Mariana Trench (Pacific Ocean).
19. What is the depth of the Mariana Trench?►-11 km (11033 meters)The Mariana Trench.
20. By what name do you know?►-Challenger trough.

21. What is the meaning of Chloe?►-where the water depth is shallow. It is not made of coral.
22. What is the Great barrier Reef?►-it near Queensland, Australia is the world's largest coral reef. It is in the Pacific Ocean.

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