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Thursday, 23 July 2015


** Earth **

1. The Earth is tilted on its axis much?
► 23.30.
2. The solar system is the only planet on which life?
► Earth.
3. Location of the Earth in the Solar System's largest planet Which?
► fifth.
4. Earth's equatorial diameter is?
► 12756 km. Similarly, its polar diameter is 12 714 km.
5. Earth on its axis is the direction in which Dhumti?
► west to east.
6. Earth around its axis at a speed which meets and how often?
► 1610 kilometers per hour, 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds to move.
7. The speed of the Earth which is the day and night?
► rotation.
8. Which of the earth are formed from the motion of years?
► Rotation.
9. How long it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun?
► 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds, ie 365 days and 6 hours.
10. The time it takes to complete one revolution around the Sun, the Earth is called?
► solar year.

11. How long does each solar year or calendar year increases?
► 6 Hours.
12. Which planet similar to Earth in terms of size and texture is
► Venus.
13. For what reason is called the blue planet earth?
► due to the presence of water.
14. The nearest star to earth after the sun is what?
► Proxima Century.
15. What is the Earth's only satellite?
► Moon.
16. to study the lunar surface and its internal state of the science is called?
► Senenoloji.
17. What's the name field of dust on the moon?
► Peace Sea.
18. What is the fossil planet?
► Moon.
19. The Moon whose light shines?
► Sun.
20. What causes ebb tide in the sea rising?
► solar and lunar forces required ratio of 11: 5.

21. Which of the rocks found on the Moon is the highest volume of metal?
► titanium.
22. What percentage of the portion of the Moon visible from Earth?
► 57 percent.
23. How many times does the Moon Earth's orbit and rotation?
► 27 days 8 hours.
24. What is the highest mountain on the moon?
► Libnitj Mountain.
25. Who was the first to arrive?
► Neil Armstrong and Sir Edwin eldine.
26. When the Moon Astronauts succeeded in reaching?
► 21 जुलाई 1969 AD.
27. Which vehicle on the moon by the astronauts were the first to arrive?
► Apollo -11.
28. What is the light cycle?
► such imaginary line that divides the Earth published and unpublished parts.
29. What is the direction of the revolutions of the earth?
► from west to east.
30. The Earth in orbit round the sun is what they call it?
► Elliptical.

31. Apasaid line is?
► Upasurik and Apasurik Milanne the center of the sun passes through the imaginary line, it says Apasaid line.
32. What is Upasurik?
► 3 January, the distance between the Sun and Earth, which reduces Upasurik says.
33. What is Apasurik?
► July Apasurik it moves away from Earth, the Sun says.
34. What is latitude?
This globe is the imaginary line drawn on the west side of the Pooram, which is displayed in degrees.
35. What is considered state of the line of zero degrees?
► Viswat line.
36. What is the longitude?
► on the globe is the imaginary line drawn from north to south.
37. Based on the lines of a place which is known at the time?
► Longitude.
38. The distance between two longitudes, say what?
► White.
39. What is a solar eclipse?
► When the daytime sun and the moon comes between the Earth because of the sun's shining surface of the moon is not visible, it is called Eclipse.
40. What day is the total solar eclipse?
► New Moon day.

41. What is a lunar eclipse?
► Earth comes between the sun and the moon, the sun, the full moon does not light, it is called the lunar eclipse.
42. What night full lunar eclipse happens?
► full moon night.
43. How does one determine the time?
► When a longitude difference is the difference in time of four minutes. As the Earth rotates from west to east toward the east rises to four minutes on each longitude and west longitude on the go every four minutes is reduced.
44. What is the International Date Line?
The International Date Line says ►180 degrees longitude.
45. Where the international date line that passes?
► Arctic Sea, has Sea, Bering Strait and the Pacific Ocean.
46. ​​Where the Tropic of Cancer passes through?
► India, China and Myanmar.
47. Through how many degrees longitude is time?
► Zero degrees longitude.
48. Where time passes through Greenwich?
► Grinlanj, Norwegian Sea, UK, France, Spain, Algeria, Male, Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Atlantic Ocean.
49. How long the world has been divided into zones?
► 24.
50. Who in India is considered standard time?
► 82.30 degrees east longitude.

51. Where is 85.30 degrees east longitude line that passes?
► from Mirzapur, near Allahabad.
52. How many hours ahead of Indian Standard Time Greenwich Mintaim?
► half to five hours.
53. How long is a day and night at the poles?
► 6-6 months.
54. When the sun is directly above the equator in the northern temperate zone which is the season?
► Spring.
55. When the sun is over the Tropic of Cancer in the northern temperate zone which is the season?
► Summer.
56. When the sun comes back again at the equator, in the northern temperate zone which is the season?
► Autumn.
57. When the sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn in the north temperate zone which is the season?
►shit season.

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