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Thursday, 23 July 2015

First world war

** First world war **

1. When was the start of the First World War?
►-28 जुलाई 1914 AD.

2. For how many years did the First World War?
►-4 years.
3. How many countries participated in World War I?
4. What was the immediate cause of World War I?
►-Prince Ferdinand of Austria assassinated.
5. Where did the murder of Archduke of Austria?
Seraxavo ►-in capital of Bosnia.

6. What has divided the world into two camps during World War?
►-Allied and Axis.
7. Who led the Axis powers?
►-Germany. In addition, Austria, Hungary and Italy have also led countries.
8. Which country were involved in the Allies?
►-England, Japan, USA, Russia and France.
9. Who was the father of the system of secret treaties?
10. Austria, Germany and Italy to build the threesome did this happen?

11. What was the Serbian secret revolutionary organization?
►-black hand.
12. How long did the war between Russia and Japan?
13. Russia-Japan war whose end was brokered?
►-American President Roosevelt.
14. When Morocco crisis unfolded?
15. During World War I, when Germany invaded Russia?
►-1 अगस्त 1914 AD.

16. When Germany attacked France?
►-3 अगस्त 1914 AD.
17. When England entered World War I?
►-8 अगस्त 1914 AD.
18. Who was the US president at the time of the First World War?
►-Woodrow Wilson.
19. What event occurred in the US after World War I?
►-Germany's U-boat sinking ship called the Lusitania England after America entered the First World War. Among 128 persons who died in 1153 onboard the Lusitania were Americans.
20. When Italy joined the Allied side in World War I?
►-26 अप्रैल 1915 AD.

21. When the First World War ended?
►-11 नवंबर 1918 AD.
22. When was the Paris Peace Conference?
►-18 जून 1919 AD.
23. How many countries participated in the Paris Peace Conference?
►-27 Countries.
24. Treaty of Vrsay when and between whom was?
►-between Germany and the Allies (June 28, 1919. E.) in.
25. War damages in the amount demanded was from Germany?
►-6 billion 50 million.
26. What was the greatest contribution of the First World War in the international arena?
►-Nations established.

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