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Thursday, 23 July 2015


$$ Tide$$

1. With regard to the origin of reflux Jwara progressive wave theory propounded who did it?

►-William Wavell.
2. What is tide?
►-sea water twice a day, periodically wakes up and falls down. It says the tide.
3kjwar Uttptti reflux is caused by what power?

►-Sun and the Moon's gravity.
4. How long interval between two tide?
►-12 hours 26 minutes.
5. What day is the origin of protracted tide?
►-moon and moon.
6. Full Moon and New Moon day why the high water is generated?
►-the day the three of Sun Moon and Earth are aligned.
7. Where in the world is the highest tide?
►-Fndi Bay.
8. neap tide (Neap tides).
►-Krishna and Shukla side to eighth. On this day, the sun and moon are at right angles with the Earth.

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